Information about the Trainer of Functional Training Course
held in Prague or Brno

Trainer of Functional Training

CZK 14,900 (including study materials)

Our Trainer of Functional Training is ideal for all those interested in exercise and a healthy lifestyle and would like to make a living from it in the future. Our course graduates will receive a certificate of retraining as fitness instructor (certified by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports). The certificate can then be used to apply for a trade licence. The course is certified by the Ministry of Education and, therefore, can be studied as a retraining course reimbursable by the Labour Office of the Czech Republic.

Benefits of our trainer course

Specialization Weekend


Muscle chains

Course held in Brno

What you will learn in the Functional Training Coach course


  • How to activate and engage the centre of the body called the CORE.
  • How to exercise properly with the latest equipment such as: kettlebells, suspension weight training system (TRX), BOSU®, FLOWIN®, and rubber expanders.
  • Draw up an effective functional training plan and incorporate it into the client's daily routine.
  • Properly examine the musculoskeletal system and diagnose asymmetries, imbalances and functional disorders.
  • Address fundamental musculoskeletal problems and back and cervical spine pain.
  • Stabilise the body and centre the joints (joint centering).
  • Strengthen functional muscle groups and perform (recommend) complex exercises for the whole body.
  • Apply functional exercises to daily activities.
  • Draw up compensation and stretching exercise plan based on the clients' specific needs
  • Basics of human anatomy and physiology.
  • A battery of exercises.
  • Basics of psychology and pedagogy.


Our graduates must be able to identify what a particular person needs and how to approach them appropriately. Based on this assessment, they are able to prepare training plans tailored to the client’s needs.

“Our classes are also attended by people who train just for themselves but don't want to pay for trainers because they’ve had some bad experiences with them. Our courses teach people to work independently. It is the only possible approach – since we are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, a successful graduate of our course can set up their own business. That's why we have high demands on our students. We cannot allow our trainers to hurt people instead of helping them.”

Time schedule of the course

The course is unique in its individual (pro-client) approach. Together we will find a way to adapt the course to your possibilities and best guide you to pass the final examination. Another advantage is that you can start your studies whenever you want. And what does the tutoring look like?

The minimum to obtain a nationally valid certificate is the usual 150 hours of tuition.

  • 50 hours of theory – anatomy and physiology, sports training, sports hygiene and nutrition, psychology and pedagogy, first aid.
  • 100 hours of practice – Methodology of sports training – diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system, DSS and its activation, rehabilitation exercises, techniques to correct posture and stabilization, suspension systems, stretching of the whole body, Organization of sports training – creation and presentation of training plans, group lessons, practice in fitness facilities.
  • Examination – a written test, oral and practical part – presentation and defence of a training plan, performance of a selected exercise.

In our course you can take an extra 100 lessons!

In addition, the coaching course is interlinked with other programmes – we ensure coherence at all levels. All three pillars, fitness, yoga and nutrition, are interconnected. We emphasize interconnectedness. Each of our students, regardless of their choice of major, will also encounter the other two pillars in the course, plus they can attend various interesting seminars.

Your lecturers in the trainer course will be

in Prague

Radka Geffertová

Radoslav Mikloš

Robert Chott

Jan Hlaveš

Ondřej Pavlovič

Sabina Škrabská


in Brno

Darina Kocúrková

Roman Koubík

Miroslav Holý


Price of the course

The course price of CZK 14,900 includes theoretical and practical lectures, compulsory seminars (Psychology and Pedagogy, First Aid and Physiology), final examination and Certificate. The price of the course does not include a pass to the partner fitness centre, group lessons, nor main study materials (this does not apply to retraining through the Labour Office of the Czech Republic).

Why isn't the gym membership included in the price of the course? For a simple reason. Each student has their own individual pace in their studies – some attend the course intensively and graduate in one month, some choose a slower pace and graduate in three months. It is therefore not possible to include a fixed amount for the membership in the price of the course, as some companies do. The length of study can vary by up to two months. It wouldn't be fair to the faster students.


Study in Prague or Brno


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