Rehabilitation in training practice


Course dates : 11. - 12. 5. 2024, 25. - 26. 5. 2024 (8:00 - 14:00)
Lecturer: Mgr. Robert Chott
Price: CZK 15,000



About the course

Many trainers are staying away from rehabilitation because they are not sure how they should approach it. This course aims to be the first meaningful step towards that certainty. Not to turn trainers into physiotherapists and orthopaedists, but professionals who understand the movement of the body and its laws and are able to improve the condition of their clients thanks to this knowledge.

The course is primarily focused on practical applications, so it is essential that participants have a good knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human musculoskeletal system. Participants will progress from the general basics of stretching and strengthening, through post-surgical and post-trauma rehabilitation procedures, to specific rehabilitation and compensatory exercises. From head to toe, from internal organs to tennis elbow, from diaphragm dysfunction to frozen shoulder. Setting up specific exercise programs, avoiding possible pitfalls, applying modifications and using exercise equipment. At the end of the course, no graduate will be left with the feeling that they do not know how to proceed in their practice.



The course consists of two full weekends divided into four teaching blocks:

  • shoulder blade + shoulder
  • ankle + knee
  • hip + pelvis
  • spine + internal organs


The course is designed for qualified trainers, primarily for graduates of the Functional Workout Trainer course of our academy. Because of the emphasis on practice, course capacity is limited. Book your place on the course today!

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