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„Our courses are also attended by people who train just for themselves but don’t want to pay for trainers because they’ve had some bad experiences with them. Our courses teach people to work independently. It is the only possible approach – since we are certified by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, a successful graduate of our course can set up their own business. That’s why we have high demands on our students. We cannot allow our trainers to hurt people instead of helping them.“

Petr Neplech, owner of the academy

Our courses

In our study programmes, we focus on a holistic approach to learning and health. The courses are mutually interrelated so that each graduate acquires a wide range of expertise and skills to provide quality services to their clients and themselves. Whichever of our courses you choose, you will also acquire the basic knowledge from the other courses.



Personal Fitness Trainer


Yoga Teacher


Trainer of Functional Training


MMA Trainer


Massage Course


Nutrition Advisor


Our courses are certified by the Ministry of Education.